ALAYA is a construction and civil engineering company founded in Nigeria in 2009 by Elias P. Elias (MSc. Civil Eng. ESIB/USJ 1998), and managed by a group of experienced engineers and architects; carrying out design, construction, engineering, and construction management projects in Nigeria and Lebanon.

We are committed to providing reliable and professional services to our valuable clients; while our well-studied quotations and sufficiently low overheads enable us to offer the most competitive prices, with the guarantee of delivering excellent services on time.

Our appreciation of our clients’ interests, evidenced by meeting their requirements and ensuring high-quality work, is the prime directive of our management.

Our international know-how in the construction domain allows us to initiate and complete any high-profile construction contract in a timely and professional approach and within the highest standards and specifications.

Alaya initiated in 2009 in Nigeria as “ALAYA Construction & Energy Ltd.”. Through our engineering and construction services, along with our partners and main contractors, we delivered innovative, safe, and sustainable infrastructure.

We focused initially on carrying out projects and subcontracts in the domain of:

  • Roads & bridges
  • Water conveyance and treatment plants
  • Land development
  • Public infrastructure

In 2015 we diversified our services to include high-end building contracts for the private and public sectors.

Our Lebanese branch; “ALAYA Construction & Engineering sarl” was established in 2010, as we focused on the sector of residential and corporate buildings and estate service roads, hydraulic structures, and miscellaneous works. Our services ranging through:

  • Construction management
  • Client representation
  • Engineering audit, quantity survey, and cost control
  • Design and permits
  • Construction and rehabilitation of buildings & villas; Structural, MEP & finishing turnkey contracts, estate roads, retaining walls, etc…
  • Special concrete works as lightweight, self-leveling, smooth, stamped, and shotcrete concrete, as well as concrete repair, works.